ATRAS Military Defence Systems

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We are a specialized defense systems and advanced defense technologies provider that focuses on forming integrateable military systems, and deliver training on them. We also supply the latest military systems and equipment and localize their industry in cooperation with experienced foreign companies. Our expertise in upgrading military equipment and systems helps us keep up with modern systems while also providing optimal defense solutions for beneficiaries in all military sectors.


To be recognized as experts in supplying weapons, upgrading military systems, and localizing their manufacture in an effective and sustainable manner. We aim to maintain a professional and effective presence in the defense industry.


To employ our capabilities and expertise in the supply of military systems and by upgrading obsolete systems operating in all military forces, with the aim of raising their combat efficiency and effectiveness at the lowest costs, and work to localize their manufacture.


National Responsibility






At the core of our strategy is investing our expertise, competencies and deep knowledge of the real needs of the Kingdom in the field of defense and security and link them to the best international sources of production, which in turn works to align its products and services according to the highest standards of performance and operation in all circumstances in accordance with our local vision. In addition to the advanced industrial investment in this sector in an effort to localize these industries in the Kingdom according to an integrated strategic path and towards forming an integrated platform for a sustainable Saudi military industry.


Actively contribute to the national platform to supply all defense and security weapons to secure their needs and requirements in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Contribute to the dedication of a sustainable national strategy to localize the upgrade of outdated military systems and provide advanced and modern defense technologies in accordance with international professional standards to place the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in an advanced position in this field.

Invest our expertise and strategic relations with the most important sources of defense and security manufacturing globaly.

Provide our local customers a greater opportunity to obtain diversity and integration in performance and needs according to the required national standards.


A group of highly qualified and experienced officers in the field of combat, systems building and training.

Fine international designers on worldclass Dassault Systemes design software.

Expert foreign consultants.


Our professional network of military and defence systems vendors, suppliers and experts from around the world.


Ministry of Defense KSA

Ministry of Defense KSA

Saudi Arabian National Guard

Saudi Arabian National Guard

Ministry of Interior KSA

Ministry of Interior KSA

Saudi Royal Guard Regiment

Saudi Royal Guard Regiment